Yiming Wang


Yiming Wang is a PhD student in the School of Creative Technologies at the University of Portsmouth. His research interests include machine/deep learning and automatic facial expression analysis. He won the best paper prize at the International Conference on Human System Interaction (HSI 2015).

Research Interests

[1]   Yiming Wang, Hui Yu, Junyu Dong, Muwei Jian, and Honghai Liu. “Cascade Support Vector Regression-based Facial Expresssion-Aware Face Frontalization.” Accepted by ICIP (2017).

[2]   Yiming Wang, Hui Yu, Junyu Dong, Brett Stevens, and Honghai Liu. “Facial expression-aware face frontalization.” In Asian Conference on Computer Vision(ACCV), pp. 375-388. Springer, Cham, 2016.

[3]   Yiming Wang, Hui Yu, Brett Stevens, and Honghai Liu. “Dynamic facial expression recognition using local patch and LBP-TOP.” In Human System Interactions (HSI), 2015 8th International Conference on, pp. 362-367. IEEE, 2015.