Visual Computing

University of Portsmouth


  Welcome to the Visual Computing Group (VCG) at the University of Portsmouth.
  We focus on methodologies and techniques for visual data processing and analysis. Specifically, we are interested in providing solutions to tracking, reconstructing and understanding human actions, emotions and visual scenes from RGB/RGBD visual captures, cognitive signals (EEG) and biometrical signals (EMG) for more natural human-machine interactions in emerging areas such as VR/AR applications and smart car. Our research involves and develops knowledge and technologies in machine learning, computer vision/graphics, creative computing and biomedical engineering.
  Our research topics cover 4D facial expression synthesis and perception, real-time sensing and 3D vision, facial and human action tracking, geometric processing of human/facial performances, brain-computer interface, affective analysis and object tracking/classification. The application areas of our research include human-computer interaction, healthcare, entertainment, security, virtual reality and manufacturing. We gratefully acknowledge the support of various research funders including EPSRC, EU FP7, Royal Academy of Engineering, Royal Society, Innovate UK and industries.


Newton International Fellowships

Prof. Hui Yu has been awarded a grant from the Newton International Fellowships, which will start in November 2018!

November 2018


Dr. Dongjoe Shin has been awarded a grant from the EPSRC starting from October 2018!

November 2018

Innovate UK Grant

Dr. Hui Yu has been awarded a grant from the Innovate UK starting from late 2017!

July 2017